Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield 

The Cultural Impact of The Exorcist 

                KENNETH ANGER 

                INTERVIEWED BY

               HARMONY KORINE

ever see The Labyrinth ??

this guy

Dennis Hopper’s Dynamite Death Chair, following a screening of Out  Of The Blue 

checked into drug rehab right after

Jean-Luc Godard on The Dick Cavett Show pt.1

love when he takes out his little notebooks,

"here are my next two scripts."

got the last one :)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (40th Anniversary) 

w/ Tobe Hooper & William Friedkin @ Cinefamily July 21st

hope i get in :\


Lynch also cast doubt on the prospect of him making another movie, saying that he felt more drawn towards the creativity in display on cable TV.

"It’s a very depressing picture," he commented. "With alternative cinema - any sort of cinema that isn’t mainstream - you’re fresh out of luck in terms of getting theatre space and having people come to see it.

"Even if I had a big idea, the world is different now. Unfortunately, my ideas are not what you’d call commercial, and money really drives the boat these days.

"So I don’t know what my future is. I don’t have a clue what I’m going to be able to do in the world of cinema.

"And television is way more interesting than cinema now. It seems like the art-house has gone to cable."

The Shining: Horror’s Greatest Achievement?

yes :)

set photo from MUZZLE

featured in World Of Death